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Surgical Planning

Every surgeon has faced some difficulty in some procedure, be it more experienced or in training. Time is a great enemy in these moments, because we know that when it increases, the greater the risk for our patient. Surgical planning has always made an important contribution to surgical results and time optimization for more complex procedures. 3D printing has contributed positively, more often and in different ways in this scenario. Through the 3D reconstruction of tomographies and resonances, it is possible to print three-dimensional anatomical molds of organs and structures of patients who will undergo surgery. With the 3D mold of your patient in hand, the surgeon and his team will be able to evaluate and decide the best approach to the complexity that presents itself.

Fractures with surgical indication for osteosynthesis can be optimized in time with the use of guides by 3D printing with predefined screw directions and sizes. It is also possible to use 3D printing of the fractured bone to validate the chosen strategy by applying the implants to the printed bone. Combining these possibilities added by 3D printing to surgical planning, we observed a significant optimization of surgical time in procedures of greater complexity confirmed by some published scientific articles (references). Less surgical time equals less risk to the patient.


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