Medicine is directly influenced by technological developments and new products are launched on the medical market frequently. These innovations do not always add more value to patients and the health system, increasing costs and creating unnecessary medical inflation.

The doctor is the one who delivers the innovation to his patient and also assesses the benefit of the new journey inserted in the routine of the health professionals involved. This assessment, however, is not traditionally taught in the medical course, as it addresses aspects of health management that directly affect the economic success of the medical office or clinic.

Despite the validity of Health 4.0 concepts such as big data, internet of things and cloud software, there is a need to adapt to the journey and care related to orthopedic patients. We observed that the treatment with orthopedic immobilizations needs an improvement in terms of data collection and in the resolution of its main complications in a scalable, replicable and safe way.

The development of Petlock Orthosis® and the Hefesto Platform by our multidisciplinary team (doctors, engineers and computer scientists) evolves the treatment with customized and personalized orthopedic immobilizations. The intense study and the resolution of the main flaws and complications in the use of current orthopedic orthoses demonstrate unprecedented and disruptive innovations with great impact on the patients' quality of life, cost optimization and recording of the doctor-patient journey.

Thus, the market can expect a better customized product with the potential to extinguish the complications of plastered immobilizations in a few years, giving the attending physician the possibility of accompanying his patient in real time in an unprecedented and safe way.

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