PETLock Orthosis®
Custom 3D printed adjustable orthoses made from recyclable polymers. More comfort and safety.
Hefesto Platform
The orthosis is requested through the platform, where the orthopedic surgeon monitors the patients follow-up.
By improving communication and treatment data, doctors and patients will have better and safer outcomes.

PETLock Orthosis®

Was developed by Orthopedists and Engineers in order to eliminate the main complications found in the treatment with plaster cast immobilizations. Safety, comfort, improvement in the quality of life associated with cutting edge technology result in an unprecedented, innovative and impactful solution for doctors and their patients.


Real time access to patient information and the possibility of adjustments to the orthosis are used to avoid complications.


Lighter and wettable, the treatment becomes more tolerable with a greater chance of patient compliance.

Quality of Life

More hygiene, more freedom and mobility. The orthosis can be washed in water and the patient can even enter the swimming pool with it.


PETLock Orthosis® is made from computer simulation, three-dimensional image analysis and force analysis using software.


The orthosis is made of recyclable polymers and does not require disposal as hospital waste, which favors the environment.


The plaster is not only uncomfortable but inelegant, the orthosis has a modern design, is light and colorful, causing better impact on the user.



Hefesto brings the concept of Orthopedics 4.0 to the market based on the current technologies of Industry 4.0 (data analysis, 3D printing, software integration, computer simulation, among others). This means that we will use the type of technology necessary and appropriate to achieve our goals of reducing subjectivity and improving the foundations of orthopedic processes.

With qualified people to bring highly complex projects to the market, we will spare no effort and use all the tools necessary to make our patients have a better quality of life and doctors have the ability to closely monitor their patients, all with technology cutting edge.


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