Hefesto Medtech


Medical technology company created to solve the problems of the processes and treatments of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Using the Healthcare 4.0 standards, Hefesto brings the concept of Orthopedics 4.0 and makes use of advanced technologies to improve the processes and products in this field of Medicine, elevating the quality of life of patients and facilitating the work of doctors.

Hefesto’s first product is PETLock Orthosis®: a customized orthosis (immobilization) made of plastic polymers by 3D printing that aims to replace the treatment with orthopedic plaster casts. Our software connects patient and doctor in an unprecedented way, improves follow-up capacity, brings more data to the treatment and facilitates patient-doctor communication. Our orthoses provide comfort due to its lightness, ease of hygiene and design. Furthermore, it is recyclable.


Improve the processes in Orthopedics through the use of technology, innovation and the scientific method.


Improvement of human quality of life through the creation of impactful technologies in Healthcare, sustainable evolution, focus on innovation and multidisciplinary teamwork.


Impact on the user, teamwork, sustainable technological advancement, knowledge, innovation and creativity, commitment, ethics, freedom and scientific method.

Luiz Fernando Michaelis


Mauricio Finotti


Ney Peres


Vitor La Banca

Medical Science Liaison

Willian Hipolito

Engineering and product development

Vitor Urel

Engineering and product development

Bruno Abreu

Information Technology


Do you want to know PETLock Orthosis®? Find out what technology can do for Orthopedics.

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